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Just one more day!

Posted by wars128 on May 2, 2007

Tommorow, after I finish my very annoyingly early 8 A.M. math exam, and get all my stuff out of my drom room, I will be a free man…sorta…I am having to get a job over the summer, but I am looking forward to it in a way, because if the university dosen’t make me pay for something that I didnt do.. I should have some money, and heres what i’d like to do with it:
1. Get a domain name, like, or,depends on how much money I make…
2. Get the pay service on my podcasting account, because if I don’t soon, I will have to take off some of the oldest shows out of the feed to make space for the newer stuff. but, again, that in itself is still 10 bucks a month, and who knows how much a domain name will cost.
3. Get some more sourcebooks/TROs, and yet again, this depends on how much I make.
I am also going to hopefully get all my book ideas written over the summer,still do the show once a week, maybe even more, depends on what happens, etc.
As always, any comments, suggestions, and feedback are greatly appreciated.


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