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Posted by wars128 on March 5, 2007

Over the night, I came up several more odd mods for the Javelin.
First, you can take out both SRM6’s, and you have enough weight to fit in a AC2 and a medium laser, giving you a good level one plinker, which a lot of people don’t use plinkers, this design would be good for long range fire support. In level two you can add endo steel, which would save you enough weight to get you a LBX-5, or you could go with an RAC2 if you wanted to.
If you wanted to go the all energy weapons route, you could go with a single ppc, which isn’t that bad. It would make it a good lance mech, supporting its friends from afar. upgrading to an ERPPC and Doube heat sinks would solve the minimum range problems. you coul also go with a large laser and two mediums, which I like rather well.
Hope you enjoyed the ideas!


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