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Listeners Vs. Spam

Posted by wars128 on March 27, 2007

I was looking in the podcasts email acount inbox today, which is, and I found something saddening.
Number of listener emails:22
Number of spam emails:15
These number are actually misleading, as most of the listneer submitted emails are quite old, and I had deleted quite a few spam emails a shot time ago. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, im just pointing out how much spam there is in an account that rarel sends out any messages. Podcast might come out tonight, although very late.


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News,News, and more News

Posted by wars128 on March 26, 2007

The show is coming, I am just having a little trouble getting it finished. It will be out this week, hopefully today or tomorrow. I did not go to MidSouthCon, because I had a very tiring week, but I heard it was very good. I also learned that there was no Battletech set up this year, so that was also a factor in me not going. I might try to be a Gamemaster next year, so i’ll keep yall updated about that. Aso, if I do well graewise this semester, I may be getting a new computer at the end of the semester! That means I don’t have to use my sisters computer to do the show, and I don’t have to do it just on the weekends…I am soo excited about it!
May all your hits be crits,

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For those of you seeking comic relief

Posted by wars128 on March 21, 2007

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Yet another untitled post…

Posted by wars128 on March 19, 2007

I feel really bad right now about not getting a show out. I had to do quite a bit of babysiting, both kids and drunk people, and also my colleges team is in the NCAA tournament, so I had to watch them. I am planning to have a show for everyone out on sunday or monday, and as I might have said before, its going to be a little diffrent, but if it turns out how I want it to, I think everyone will like it.

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Apologys, Apologys….

Posted by wars128 on March 16, 2007

Yet again, I apologize to the readers of this blog and to the listeners of the show for not getting the podcast out. i may just have to release this weeks and next weeks at the same time, because I doubt that I will able to get it out today, and over the weekend i will only be able o post on Sunday. This really pisses me off that this happened because it makes me feel really ad, but it was due to circumstances beyond my control. Also, I have something that i think will be very interesting planned for the next show….

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Not sure what to call this one…

Posted by wars128 on March 15, 2007

Yet again I have the urge to apologize for still not getting the show out this week. life has not exactly been kind for me this week. I just found out yesterday that I may have to pay $800+ for something I didn’t do. But thats not the reson why I didn’t get the show out, but if I end up having to pay any part of it, there won’t be any more book reviews for awhile. I’ll post more details about it later when I can. If everything goes as planne, and nothing crazy happens today, I should hae the time to get the show up for this week.

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late show…

Posted by wars128 on March 13, 2007

I’m sorry about the late show. I have done recorded, I just have been really busy in school and have been unable to edit it and post it. I’m going to try to get it done today if I can get my Stravag first part of my research paper done. Ahh….I just love Clan humor…don’t you?

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Promises Pomises!

Posted by wars128 on March 11, 2007

Well, spring break is up for me, lets see if i did what I said what I was going to do:

1. MechHead Corps line up of Vehicle designs.-not yet, but I’m working on it.
2.More pictures.-Check!
3. More Battletech related links, with a short description of each.-Working on this one too!

1 Update the blog-Check
2 overhaul the forums-not yet
3 Write a lot-Wasn’t able to.
Only 2 out of 6? ouch…well, I’ll try to get everything done as soon as I can

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Posted by wars128 on March 5, 2007

Over the night, I came up several more odd mods for the Javelin.
First, you can take out both SRM6’s, and you have enough weight to fit in a AC2 and a medium laser, giving you a good level one plinker, which a lot of people don’t use plinkers, this design would be good for long range fire support. In level two you can add endo steel, which would save you enough weight to get you a LBX-5, or you could go with an RAC2 if you wanted to.
If you wanted to go the all energy weapons route, you could go with a single ppc, which isn’t that bad. It would make it a good lance mech, supporting its friends from afar. upgrading to an ERPPC and Doube heat sinks would solve the minimum range problems. you coul also go with a large laser and two mediums, which I like rather well.
Hope you enjoyed the ideas!

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Classic Battletech RPG to be relaesed March 12th

Posted by wars128 on March 4, 2007

Taken from
“The Classic Battletech RPG [FPR35030, $29.99, 224 pages + 16 color pages, a reprint of MechWarrior, Third Edition] is shipping to distributors next week for a release date of Monday March 12th. If you are a retailer, now is the time to call your distributor for last minute pre-orders; if you’re a customer, now is the time to call your local game store to make sure they have a copy for you!”


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