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Posted by wars128 on January 31, 2007

Hey everyone, Sam here
I will be out of town this weekend, so theres a good chance of me not being able to get a new show out this week. It still might happen though, just not 100% sure on everything right now, and I won’t really know untill saturday. No matter what, before I go, I will post an old “commercial” that not all of ya’ll may have heard. So, if you get lucky, you may get two shows this weekend! But, if not, I will do my best to have an extra,extra long show next weekend. Ghost, feel free to do someblog post to make up for no show this week if I do not contact you on saturday.
also, I am planning on doing the “Chat” as said on episode #25 next week, probably on Wedensday at about 2 P.M. Central time. i will have more information on this later…this is not a definate thing as of yet.
Bye everyone, and may all your hits be crits!!!


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