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A Story thats both New and old…

Posted by wars128 on January 30, 2007

Hey everyone!
here is a short batletech story i wrote about a year ago. tell me what you think of it!

How I got my Battlemech, by Lieut. Jack Trable

People think that mechs are huge. But I know better. Used to work in a factory that made em. Used a crane that could pick up a small dropship. To me, they’re nothing. Well, one day our factory came under attack. A company of raiders had landed, just to shoot up the place, I guess. I never found out why they were there, but back to the story. An Atlas walked its way through the bay I was working in, knocking over the frames that I was supposed to move. I got mad as hell, and decided to treat this guy a lesson. I waited until his mech had gone past my crane, and then swung my cranes hook into em. Bingo! I caught him! Easier than fishing. How did I get him out? I just spun him around and went up and down until the guy activated his escape system. Well, the local militia had driven off the other raiders, but they would have been crushed if I hadn’t gotten that Atlas. So the company gave me two new jobs, a mech pilot in the new factory security force, and an instructor of crane operators in offensive maneuvers. Pretty good for an 18-year-old fresh out of orientation.

In short, the guy used a crane that can lift 200 tons to catch and lift an Atlas into the air.
I got the idea from watching the discovery channel. It had something on large scale metal making, and they were talking how powerfull thier crane’s were, and then it hit me….


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