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Facebook group

Posted by wars128 on January 31, 2007

For some reason, and i’m not exactly sure why I did this, but I made a facebook group for people who listen to the MechHead podcast…
it can be found here:
and I think I made a myspace page for the show too a long time ago but I dont remember it…
Sorry about how random this post is,


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Out and About

Posted by wars128 on January 31, 2007

Hey everyone, Sam here
I will be out of town this weekend, so theres a good chance of me not being able to get a new show out this week. It still might happen though, just not 100% sure on everything right now, and I won’t really know untill saturday. No matter what, before I go, I will post an old “commercial” that not all of ya’ll may have heard. So, if you get lucky, you may get two shows this weekend! But, if not, I will do my best to have an extra,extra long show next weekend. Ghost, feel free to do someblog post to make up for no show this week if I do not contact you on saturday.
also, I am planning on doing the “Chat” as said on episode #25 next week, probably on Wedensday at about 2 P.M. Central time. i will have more information on this later…this is not a definate thing as of yet.
Bye everyone, and may all your hits be crits!!!

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New Battleblog!

Posted by wars128 on January 30, 2007

theres a new battleblog to be read, and it can be found here:
New Battleblog
Check it out!

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The Ceaser

Posted by ghost0402 on January 30, 2007

Alright folks, the new RE here with some additional info on the Caeser.
Probably the most important thing about the Caeser, it is a blatant rip-off the Cataphract. The Fedcom manged to get their hands on at least one, more than likely a few Cappellan Cataphracts and went about rebuilding the mech so it didn’t look like a Cataphract.

Weighing in at 70 tons, it has a basic chassis, and an XL engine to cram on what at the time was a fairly impressive weapons suite that Wars128 talked about in the Podcast. The problem though, a 55-ton Griffin has more armor than this thing. Which, isn’t a hugely horrible thing, the mech ought to be used mostly for long ranged direct fire support, or barring that, a heavy mech to acompany medium mechs around.

Things to change. You don’t need 16 DHS. Ditch 2 of them and get rid of the MPL’s for say a Streak rack and some normal medium lasers with the extra tonnage going right back into armor. That would fix the only real problem with the mech that i can see.

Wars 128 mentioned making a IIC version of this mech. Don’t bother, the Summoner(Thor) Omnimech is the same size and you can do just about anything with it since it is an Omnimech.

That’s all for now folks, attached below is a minor mod to the Caeser-3R with the mods I mentioned earlier. Enjoy.

Caeser-3R Mod

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A Story thats both New and old…

Posted by wars128 on January 30, 2007

Hey everyone!
here is a short batletech story i wrote about a year ago. tell me what you think of it!

How I got my Battlemech, by Lieut. Jack Trable

People think that mechs are huge. But I know better. Used to work in a factory that made em. Used a crane that could pick up a small dropship. To me, they’re nothing. Well, one day our factory came under attack. A company of raiders had landed, just to shoot up the place, I guess. I never found out why they were there, but back to the story. An Atlas walked its way through the bay I was working in, knocking over the frames that I was supposed to move. I got mad as hell, and decided to treat this guy a lesson. I waited until his mech had gone past my crane, and then swung my cranes hook into em. Bingo! I caught him! Easier than fishing. How did I get him out? I just spun him around and went up and down until the guy activated his escape system. Well, the local militia had driven off the other raiders, but they would have been crushed if I hadn’t gotten that Atlas. So the company gave me two new jobs, a mech pilot in the new factory security force, and an instructor of crane operators in offensive maneuvers. Pretty good for an 18-year-old fresh out of orientation.

In short, the guy used a crane that can lift 200 tons to catch and lift an Atlas into the air.
I got the idea from watching the discovery channel. It had something on large scale metal making, and they were talking how powerfull thier crane’s were, and then it hit me….

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We have a winner!

Posted by wars128 on January 29, 2007

It was just announced that we have a winner of my contest/jobs thingy!
The winner of the job of Resident Expert is………………………….drumroll please……………..Gohst0402! Congratulations to you, my friend, and thanks to all that entered.

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check the other blog…..

Posted by wars128 on January 27, 2007

check the other blog, make sure you know…
other blog

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Check this out!

Posted by wars128 on January 23, 2007

Check this out!

This is really funny, but also a really neat idea!

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Podcast # 24!

Posted by wars128 on January 20, 2007

It is out!
I think I dids my best job yet on this episode. Also, you will actually be able to download todays mech of the week from this site too eventually! Here are todays shownotes:
Hey everyone!
Todays is the longest show yet, clocking in at just over 14 minuets chock full of Battletech goodness!
On todays show:
-MOTW Bushwacker omni custom by Ghost0402
-Book Review- Handbook; House Marik
-MechHead News
–And things to come

where you can get the podcast:
The old blog;
The experimental blog:

Thanks for listening!

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Welcome, one and all

Posted by wars128 on January 19, 2007

Hey everyone, an welcome to the new offical MechHead Podcast blog. I am testing this place out to see if which place I like better. feel free to send me an email telling me which site you like better too. I will defiantly take your opinions into consideration. Right now, both blogs will be run side by side, so I can compare each ones advantages and disadvantages. Even if I do a total switch over to this blogging service, I will still have the old blog up, as a kind of archive, you might say. I will be telling more about what this blogging site can do and will compare it to the other blogging ervice shortly. Remember: This is done to provide you with the best experiance possible.

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